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  • Web Security (WS)

    Web or networks to which web servers are connected are always prone to security risks and Anyone who likes to protect their identity and security from being compromised or hacked while working on the internet may look at Web Security Gateway.

    Web Security Solution Increases Productivity with Better Web Protection and offers comprehensive web protection across the entire kill chain with better ROI and the efficacy to back it up.

    Key Features:

    • Streamline Compliance
    • Expand Internet Access for Roaming Users
    • Security and Protection Beyond the Endpoint
    • Threat Seeker Intelligence
    • Enterprise-Grade DLP Protection
    • Eliminate Crippling False Malware with AMD
    • Not Just URL Filtering
  • Email Security (ES)

    Email being the most popular form of corporate communication and over 100 billion emails are sent every day, so with email playing such an important role in our everyday lives it is inescapable to not protect it from email threats.

    Email Security enhances built-in security capabilities to address inbound / outbound threats and data loss risk.

    Key Features:

    • Real-Time Threat Protection
    • Protection against Highly Evasive Zero-Day Threats
    • Powerful Encryption for Additional Protection
    • Incident Risk Ranking to Find the Greatest Risks
    • Integrated Data Loss Prevention
    • Unique Phishing Education Feature
    • Complete Out-of-the-Box Solution
    • Deployment Flexibility
  • Cloud Access Security Broker(CASB)

    Organizations ranging from start-ups to large, multi-national businesses have adopted cloud computing technologies to launch their applications, store their data, and automate processes. Most organizations are using some kind of cloud infrastructure to power their businesses and in future more enterprise workloads would be shifting to the cloud.

    Cloud Access Security Broker automatically discovers cloud application use, analyses the risks and enforces appropriate controls for SaaS and production applications. With CASB, users get the apps they want and IT staff gets the control they need.

    Key Features:

    • Security for All Cloud Applications
    • Cloud Application Discovery
    • Cloud Application Risk Scoring
    • Advanced and Customizable Risk Metrics
    • Automated App Catalog and Risk Updates
    • Data Classification
    • User Governance
    • Application Governance
    • Integrated Remediation Workflow
    • Real-Time Activity Monitoring/Analytics
    • Automatic Anomaly Detection
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • Device and Location-Based Access Control
    • Integration with Third-Party Solutions

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