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  • Delivering one-on-one or multiparty conferencing and document sharing with voice, video calling, instant messaging, and audio & web conferencing.

    JNS offers advanced Data Center solutions designed by technology architects with deep engineering expertise:

    • Storage: Manage data while maximizing application performance and preparing for the growth of business processes
    • Unified Computing: Low-latency network fabric with enterprise servers.
    • Virtualization: Improve component efficiency and availability to ensure effective business operations.
    • Backup and Recovery: Protect data through secure and encrypted methods.
    • Data Center Networking: Realize the benefits of high performance and advanced next-generation data center.
    • Private Cloud: Create a converged infrastructure with scalable and tailored technologies.

    JNS new generation of data center solutions delivers:

    • More scalability - as big as you want to go
    • Open & integrated management and operations software
    • Higher performance - increase in power and cooling capacity, with smaller footprint
    • Faster and easier planning through operations - automated planning and design tools
    • More innovation and leadership - from the world leader's in data center physical infrastructure all while reducing cost

Ensuring your data center is up to the current and future demands

Know more about our Data Center Strategy Engineering & Migration Services.

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