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F5 Load Balancer

  • Module 1: Installation and Initial Access

    BIG-IP LTM Overview
    Licensing and Setup Utility
    Configuration Utility and Backup
    Hardware, Software, OS

  • Module 2: Processing Traffic

    Terminology Pools, Members and Nodes
    Virtual Server- Address Translation
    Asymetric Routing Problem
    Configuring Pools and Virtual Servers

  • Module 3: BIG-IPLTM Load Balancing

    Load Balancing Methods Round Robin, Server Availability
    Ratio, Least Connections, Fastest etc.
    Pool Members vs. Node
    Priority Group Activation and Fallback Host

  • Module 4: Monitors

    Health Monitor s – Introduction
    Types of monitoring Address Check, Service and Content Check
    Assigning Monitors to Nodes and Pools
    Status from Network Map Screen

  • Module 5: Profiles

    Profile Concepts and Example
    Profile Example SSL Termination
    Creating and Configuring Profiles

  • Module 6: Persistence

    Introduction to Persistence and Persistence Profile
    Configuring and Associating Source Address Persistence with Virtual Server
    Cookie Persistence Modes Insert, Rewrite and Passive Mode

  • Module 7: Processing SSL Traffic

    NAT Concepts and Configuration Example
    SNAT Concepts and Configuration Example

  • Module 9: Using iRules

    Exploring iRule Concepts, Components of an iRule
    Syntax and Best Practices
    iRule editors and Configuration Examples

  • Module 10: Redundant Pairs

    Redundant Pair Concepts and Modes of operation
    Redundant Pair Setup and Platform Configuration

  • Module 11: High Availability

    BIG-IP Failover Process
    Hardware and Network Failover

How you will benefit

Topics Covered:

PART 1: VALUE ADD TOPICS (Extra Topics Apart from LTM Syllabus)
  • HTTP/HTTPS server installation & configuration
  • FTP & TELNET Server Installation and configuration
  • Certificate Authority (CA) Server Installation and configuration
  • Generating CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
  • Design and configuration of multiple Web Sites (HTTP and HTTPS)
  • Importing and installing Certificates From CA to Web Servers
  • IIS Server Configuration and Management
  • Installation and Licensing of BIG-IP LTM
  • Virtual Servers and Pools
  • Load Balancing
  • Profiles
  • iRules
  • Persistence
  • Health Monitors
  • SSL Termination / SSL Offloading
  • Certificate Management
  • Redundant Pairs
  • Mirroring Connection and Persistence Data
Course Duration
  • 5 Days

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